What Is a Summary of "Enrique's Journey"?

What Is a Summary of "Enrique's Journey"?

"Enrique's Journey" follows a boy named Enrique's attempts to travel from Honduras to the United States, where his mother lives. He travels on top of freight trains, and on his eighth attempt, he contacts his mother. The two are reunited, but they face issues adjusting to this new life.

Sonia Nazario wrote "Enrique's Journey," which is an expanded version of a nonfiction series she wrote for the Los Angeles Times. She interviewed Enrique and recreated his trip.

Enrique's mother, Lourdes, leaves for the United States when he is 5 years old because she wants to make more money and provide a better life for her children. Enrique's sister, Belky, lives with their aunt, while Enrique lives with his paternal grandmother until she kicks him out. He develops a drug problem and gets his girlfriend, Maria Isabel, pregnant. At 16, he decides to journey to see his mother.

Lourdes has a daughter and becomes a prostitute, but she is able to send money back to her family. Enrique's first seven attempts to find her result in him being beaten, robbed and deported. He makes it to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, on his eighth try and calls his mother, who has him smuggled over the border.

Enrique moves in with his mother and starts working. The reality of their situation causes both to resent each other in different ways. However, they adjust, and Enrique eventually has his girlfriend smuggled over the border. Their daughter Jasmin stays with Belky.