What Is the Summary of "Brothers in Arms" by Paul Langan?

In Paul Langan's "Brother in Arms," Martin Luna mourns the death of his brother, adjusts to attending a new school and plots his revenge against the man who killed his brother. He also navigates the perils of high school, romances Vicky and ignores a teacher's attempts to get involved.

In "Brothers in Arms," the ninth book in the Bluford High series, Martin hovers on the fringes of a gang with territory in Southern California and idolizes one of its members, Frankie. Before he is inducted into the gang, his brother, Huero, is killed, collateral damage in a gunfight. Martin's mother moves their family to the fictional Bluford, refusing to lose another son.

At Bluford High School, Martin falls in with the wrong crowd, but a girl named Vicky and a concerned English teacher intervene, giving him a glimpse into what his life could be, if he turns his back on his former life and his gang friends. With the allure of revenge too strong, and to help honor his brother's memory, Martin looks into the people involved in the gunfight and is surprised to learn who is really behind the death of his brother. Martin must decide between getting even and moving on, because he knows that after he makes his decision, nothing will be the same.