What Is a Summary of the Book "Judy Moody Gets Famous"?

The book, "Judy Moody Gets Famous," is about energetic and moody third-grader Judy Moody and the foibles and mishaps she experiences as she strives for fame and recognition after her classmate Jessica, wins the spelling bee and earns the title Queen Bee. This is the sequel to "Judy Moody."

Judy Moody is known for her mood swings. In her quest for notoriety, Judy therefore becomes particularly peeved when Jessica wins the spelling bee. Judy realizes that she will not acquire fame through spelling, so she must stand out another way.

Judy tries to disguise a smashed cherry pit as one from George Washington's famed tree, until a classmate accidentally swallows it. She then tries to use her cat, Mouse, as a vehicle to fame, but that backfires when a contest photo omits all but Judy's elbow and the winner announcement misspells her name. However, when she befriends a sick child in the hospital after another mishap, Judy realizes that notoriety is not about fame and popularity, but about helping those in need and making people smile.

Megan McDonald is the author of the bestselling "Judy Moody" series and its companion series, "Stink," about Judy's younger brother. McDonald is also the author of the series "The Sisters Club."