What Is the Summary of the Book "Charlotte Web"?

"Charlotte's Web" is a book about the relationship between a pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte spins her web with words on it to prevent Wilbur's owner from slaughtering him.

The book starts out with a girl named Fern saving Wilbur. The farmer had planned to kill Wilbur because he was a runt. Fern nurses Wilbur until he gets big enough, and he returns to the farm where he makes friends with a spider named Charlotte. Wilbur eventually discovers that the farmer slaughters pigs and does not want this fate. Charlotte writes "some pig" and then "terrific" on her web, which stops the farmer from killing Wilbur.

Wilbur then goes to the state fair, and Charlotte accompanies him. At the fair, she writes "radiant" and "humble" on her web. Those words make Wilbur win a special prize at the fair. By the end of the fair, Charlotte knows the farmer does not plan on killing a special pig. As the fair comes to a close, Charlotte tells Wilbur that she is dying. She lays an egg sac, which Wilbur carries back to the farm. He cares for the egg sac throughout the winter, and in the spring, the eggs hatch. Although most of Charlotte's children leave, a few stay and have children, and the cycle continues, ensuring Wilbur has spider friends for the rest of his life.