What Is a Summary of the Book "Captains Courageous" by Rudyard Kipling?

"Captains Courageous" by Rudyard Kipling is a story about a boy, Harvey Cheyne, who is rescued by a small fishing boat after being washed overboard from a steamship. Unable to return to port, Harvey becomes a member of the crew and learns valuable lessons in life before eventually returning home.

Intending to cross the Atlantic by ocean liner, Harvey Cheyne, the 15-year-old son of a millionaire railroad magnate, instead finds himself aboard a fishing boat called “We’re Here.”

Harvey is unable to persuade the crew to return him to port or to convince them of his family connections. When he receives an offer from the ship's captain, Disko Troop, to join the crew and work with the fishermen for the remainder of the voyage, Harvey has little choice but to accept.

Helped by the captain’s son, Dan Troop, Harvey learns to adapt to the tough conditions whilst fishing on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and discovers the importance of hard labor and teamwork.

Once the ship docks, Harvey is reunited with his parents, who are surprised to find their son has matured into a man during his absence. Delighted with the transformation, Harvey’s parents reward members of the crew for saving their son.