What Is the Summary of the Book Called "The Lemonade War" From Scholastic?

Jacqueline Davies pits siblings Evan and Jessie Treski against each other in "The Lemonade War," when they each run a lemonade stand and try to outsell the other. Underlying this conflict is how each feels about Jessie skipping the third grade and entering the fourth grade alongside her brother.

After arguing about how the fourth grade is shaping up for each of them, Evan and Jessie decide to settle their differences by seeing who can earn $100 the fastest. They separately decide how to approach and market their lemonade business, how much start-up cash to invest, and how to respond when business does not boom. While Evan knows how to convince someone to buy lemonade, he does not know how to maximize his profits. Jessie can do this with ease, but does not have the best people skills. As their war nears its conclusion, they realize that they work better together than apart, especially when they must collaborate to take down a neighborhood bully.

Each chapter is titled with a business term or concept, such as "slump." Davies also defines the term, which plays a role in that specific chapter. She also includes economic concepts and the math the siblings use to calculate sales, expenses and profit. The book also includes charts, diagrams, newspaper clippings and a sales receipt that further flesh out Evan and Jessie's lemonade war.

As of 2015, Davies has written four sequels, "The Lemonade Crime," "The Bell Bandit," "The Candy Smash" and "The Magic Trap." Occasionally, Evan and Jessie are on the same side, such as when they team up to find their town's missing New Year's Eve bell, but theirs is a spirited rivalry stemming from the outcome of "The Lemonade War," which neither sibling actually wins.