What Is a Summary for the Book Angela's Ashes?


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The book "Angela's Ashes" is a memoir about the author's life of poverty living in Ireland and his eventual move to the United States to start his adult life, notes SparkNotes. The book was written by Frank McCourt in 1996.

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McCourt wrote "Angela's Ashes" as part of his dream of becoming a writer. His memoirs are set in the U.S. and Ireland during the 1930s and 1940s. He focuses on how harsh life was growing up poor, scattering a number of tragic incidences from his childhood throughout the plot. For instance, three of McCourt's siblings die in childhood.

A kind of determined good humor persists in the storytelling as well. McCourt's characters find solace in telling stories, jokes and singing songs that were a rich part of Irish culture. When McCourt's father comes home drunk from the pub, he is in a good mood and tells McCourt stories about Irish folk heroes. At another point, the house floods and the author's mother quips that they will be leaving the first floor of their home, Ireland, and moving up to the warmer, dry climate of the second floor of their home, Italy.

The memoirs end with McCourt as a young man having saved enough money to move to America, where he was born. He lands in New York and goes to a party on his first day in the U.S.

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