What Is a Summary of the Book "1776?"?

"1776" is a historical book that covers the history of the American Revolutionary War in the year of the Declaration of Independence. While this is a non-fiction book, author David McCullough writes it as though it is a novel, making it accessible to those who are not history fans.

Throughout the book, McCullough jumps back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean to cover the story not only from the American perspective, but from the British as well. While the American side of the story focuses mostly on George Washington, the book also gives coverage to soldiers, farmers, teachers and other professions. On the British side, the book discussed King George III, General William Howe and the redcoat soldiers.

The book also describes several key battles in the Revolutionary War, including the Battle of Dorchester Heights, the Battle of Long Island and the Battle of Trenton. McCullough also explains the importance of troop morale and military strategy. Because the book focuses more on military events than political events, the Continental Congress and the signing of the Declaration of Independence are given only minor coverage.

McCullough wrote "1776" as a companion book to his biography of John Adams, which received a Pulitzer Prize in 2002.