What is the Sukhmani Sahib about?


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Sukhmani Sahib, also known simply as Sukhmani, refers to a prayer in the Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib. The prayer covers several subjects dealing with a common theme, including the purpose of meditation and prayer, the importance of meekness, the qualities of God's servants and a list of God's attributes. Some devout Sikhs recite all or part of the Sukhmani Sahib during morning prayers.

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The Sukhmani Sahib consists of 24 sections called Astpadis that are divided into eight stanzas of 10 lines each. The stanzas are arranged into five couplets. Each section centers on aspects of the common theme of the attributes necessary to live a holy life and the importance of God. For example, section seven discusses the attributes of saints, section 12 describes what happens to arrogant people, section 17 stresses the virtue of humility, and section 21 discusses the state of existence before creation. Other themes include the omnipotence of God, the story of creation, and the need for people to practice good behavior and to strive for holiness.

Literally translated, Sukhmani means "treasure of peace" or "jewel of peace." Other translations of the title include "consoler of the mind." The prayer covers 35 pages in the Guru Granth Sahib and likely dates back to around 1600.

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