What Are the Suggested Uses for Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint?


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Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint can be used on canvas, wood, terracotta and paper mache. It is also suitable for painting on plaster and poster board. It is considered an all-purpose paint in the craft world.

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Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint comes in matte finishes as well as metallic, glitter and pearl as of 2015. Paints are available in 2-ounce bottles and 8-ounce pots. They can be purchased individually or in kits. The brand also offers mediums, sealers and varnishes to complete any project.

Ceramcoat paint comes in a variety of colors, but they can also be mixed to make new colors. They are easily cleaned from brushes and painting surfaces with warm water and soap, although they are much easier to clean while they are still wet. Although they are compatible with plaster, the material may be too porous or dusty to adequately hold paint. Use a clear acrylic matte sealer as a base coat against the plaster for the paint to adhere properly.

When it comes to fading, paints are rated on a scale of one to five. One indicates an excellent resistance to fading, while two and three are very good and good, respectively. A rating of four is fair, and a rating of five is poor. Ceramcoat acrylic paints boast ratings of both excellent and very good.

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