How Do You Subscribe to the New York Times?

How Do You Subscribe to the New York Times?

Scroll to the bottom of to find the Subscribe section. The website lists five subscription options: Times Insider, Home Delivery, Digital Subscriptions, NYT Opinion and Crossword. Gain access to the entire New York Times by picking between Times Insider, Home Delivery or Digital Subscriptions. Enter your name, address and billing information to subscribe.

Home Delivery offers four subscription choices (based on location): daily delivery, weekender (papers from Friday to Sunday), Sunday only, and weekdays. As of 2015, the New York Times offers a promotional rate that ranges from $2.25 to $4.45 per week. After the 12-week promotional period, the price range increases to between $8.50 and $16.90 per week. The Home Delivery subscription includes unlimited access to the website and apps.

The Times Insider offers complete access to the New York Times digital platforms. Subscribers can access and the NY Times apps. The newspaper offers a special promotional price of 99 cents for the first four weeks. After these weeks, subscribers are charged $45 every four weeks.

The Digital Subscriptions offers two options. The first includes Web and tablet access. Subscribers get the first eight weeks for free and are charged $2.50 every week after. This option includes access to, the tablet app and the full Times archives going back to 1851.

The second option includes complete access to the site, tablet and smartphone apps, and the archives. The New York Times lets these digital subscribers share their account access. It costs $4.38 after the free eight weeks.