What Are Some Subliminal Messages Supposedly Found in Disney Films?


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Some subliminal messages that people have claimed exist in Disney films include Aladdin telling teenagers to take off their clothes, the word "sex" spelled out in the sky in "The Lion King," and the bishop appearing sexually aroused in the wedding scene of "The Little Mermaid." In a 2015 HuffPost Entertainment interview, former Disney animator Tom Sito debunked these and other myths about sexual imagery in Disney films.

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Some people claim to hear Aladdin utter, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes," in a scene of "Aladdin" in which Rajah the tiger is growling at him. The film's director claims the line is an ad-lib that says something along the lines of "Good tiger. Take off. Scat! Go!" According to Tom Sito, both animators who were responsible for the scene were highly religious people who didn't have dirty senses of humor.

Another common claim is that the word "sex" appears in capital letters in the sky after Simba kicks dust into the air in a scene of "The Lion King." According to Sito, viewers are correct in their observation that the dust forms letters in the sky, but the letters are actually "SFX," intended as a shout-out to the film's special effects team.

In the wedding scene of "The Little Mermaid," some viewers claim that the bishop has an erection. Sito states that the viewers are actually seeing the bishop's knees.

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