What Styles of Music Did Led Zeppelin Produce?


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Led Zeppelin’s music encompassed a large range of styles, including blues rock, folk rock and heavy metal. The band’s later albums incorporated an even wider variety of sounds, including electronic, funk and world music.

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The group’s earliest records demonstrate a shambling blues-based rock sound. The band took the electric blues of artists such as Cream and Jimi Hendrix to the point of extremity, creating powerful, memorable riffs and heavy rhythms. On subsequent albums, Led Zeppelin often pulled back from their early heaviness, embracing gentle folk on songs such as “Tangerine,” found on 1970’s “Led Zeppelin III.” The group’s experimentation grew even more eclectic on later albums such as “Physical Graffiti” and “In Through the Out Door,” where they embraced Eastern modalities, country music and even synthesizers.

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