What Are Some Styles of Decks and Porchs?


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Styles of decks and porches include curved decks, open-air porches, screen porches, multi-level decks and pool decks. The design of a deck or porch often matches the architectural design of the house.

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What Are Some Styles of Decks and Porchs?
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While rectangular decks are traditional, curved decks have become more popular as they've gotten easier and less expensive to make. These decks typically have composite boards heated and molded into the necessary shapes.

Open-air porches are usually at the house's front or rear entrance, although they are sometimes on the house's second story. The roof of this type of porch provides some shelter from the weather while allowing people to relax outside.

Screen porches have a screen separating the outdoors from the porch. These porches are common in areas with bugs, as the screen prevents bugs from bothering people on the porch.

Multi-level decks provide more space than single-level decks, so more people can hang out on the deck. The additional space also allows the owner to add more decorations to the deck. The owner also has the option of using each level of the deck for different purposes, such as dedicating the bottom level to cooking and the top to entertaining guests.

A pool deck is a deck with a built-in pool. These decks enhance the appearance of the area and give people a place to swim.

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