What Are the Stuart Woods Books in Order of Creation?

Stuart Woods' first books were non-fiction travel books, "Blue Water, Green Skipper," published in 1977, and "A Romantic's Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland," published in 1979. His book series began with the Will Lee novels in 1981, followed by the Stone Barrington novels in 1991, the Ed Eagle novels in 1992, the Holly Barker novels in 1998 and the Rick Barron novels in 2004.

Woods' first four novels were Will Lee novels: "Chiefs" in 1981, "Run Before the Wind" in 1983, "Deep Lie" in 1986, and "Grass Roots" in 1989. He also wrote a few standalone novels, "Under the Lake" in 1987, "White Cargo" in 1988 and "Palindrome" in 1991. These were followed by the first Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle novels: "New York Dead" in 1991 and "Santa Fe Rules" in 1992, then standalone novels "L.A. Times" in 1993, "Dead Eyes" and "Heat" in 1994, and "Imperfect Strangers" and "Choke" in 1995.

Next came three more Stone Barrington novels: "Dirt" in 1996, "Dead in the Water" in 1997 and "Swimming to Catalina" in 1998. He also introduced Holly Barker in 1998 with "Orchid Beach." Stone Barrington returned in 1999 with "Worst Fears Realized," then came "L.A. Dead" in 2000 and "Cold Paradise" in 2001. Will Lee and Holly Barker also made an appearance in 2001 with "The Run" and "Orchid Blues," respectively. In 2002, he wrote the Stone Barrington novel "The Short Forever" and the Holly Barker novel "Blood Orchid." These were followed by Stone Barrington in "Dirty Work" and Will Lee in "Capital Crimes" in 2003.

Rick Barron was introduced in "The Prince of Beverly Hills" in 2004, and Stone Barrington returned in "Reckless Abandon," then in "Two Dollar Bill" in 2005. The Holly Barker novel "Iron Orchid" also came out in 2005. Ed Eagle returned "Short Straw" in 2006, then came several Stone Barrington novels: "Dark Harbor" in 2006, "Fresh Disasters" and "Shoot Him if He Runs" in 2007, and "Hot Mahogany" in 2008. Ed Eagle also showed up in "Santa Fe Dead" in 2008, as did Rick Barron in "Beverly Hills Dead."

In 2009, Woods published the Will Lee novel "Mounting Fears," the Stone Barrington novel "Loitering With Intent" and the Holly Barker novel "Hothouse Orchid." Ed Eagle made his final appearance in "Santa Fe Edge" in 2010. From that point on, all Woods' novels featured Stone Barrington, including, in order, "Kisser," "Lucid Intervals, "Strategic Moves," "Bel-Air Dead," "Son of Stone," "D.C. Dead," "Unnatural Acts," "Severe Clear," "Collateral Damage," "Unintended Consequences," "Doing Hard Time," "Standup Guy," "Carnal Curiosity," "Cut and Thrust," "Paris Match," "Insatiable Appetites" and "Hot Pursuit."