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"Street Outlaws" is about illegal street racing that takes place in Oklahoma City. It follows the top street racers and their positions on "The List," a ranking of the top 10 street racers in the city.

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The series premiered on the Discovery Channel on June 11, 2013. Most racers on the show have nicknames, such as Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Freakin Rican, Gotee Bo and Murder Nova. Others, such as John Andrade, Jr., use their real names. Big Chief is in charge of "The List." To move up, a racer challenges whoever ranks above him on the list. If he wins, he takes that racer's position.

Although "Street Outlaws" is about illegal street racing, producers of the show pay to close down highways for filming races. Police closed off one highway, State Highway 81 in Union City, for about 10 hours for filming. A lieutenant of the Oklahoma City Highway Patrol criticized the fact that the highway closed down to film illegal street racing.

"Street Outlaws" has received mixed reviews, and it holds a 6.4 user rating on IMDB.com, as of May 2015. Detractors of the show criticize its staged scenes, stereotypical female characters and the overall concept of "The List."

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