What Streaming Services Have 2014 Movies Available for Viewing?


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Though the content available through streaming movie sites changes frequently, as of 2015 services that offer movies released in 2014 include Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Vudu. Each service includes tools for searching available titles by genre, name or year of release, with many third-party sites also covering recent additions.

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Hulu Plus and Vudu both offer release dates as a search option through their Web interfaces, but dates only appear in decade intervals. Viewers must manually search through each decade to locate movies from 2014 or narrow the search to focus on a specific title. Amazon Prime Instant Video does not offer release date searches, but it does include title searches and other filters to help locate movies from a specific year. To search for movies on Netflix, you must have an active subscription to the service.

Another way to look for streaming services with movies from 2014 is through sites such as Complex.com and Stuff.tv. Complex.com regularly publishes monthly updates that include the new movies and television shows added to Netflix. Entries for movies on the list include the year of release. Stuff.tv does not always include the years along with the titles of movies, but it does frequently mention the year in the film's description.

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