How Do You Stream TV Live From Thailand?

Live, streaming television from Thailand is easily accessible on any computer system using a browser capable of running Adobe Flash Player. Most of Thailand's most popular channels are free-to-air and each has its own website which includes a free streaming broadcast of their programming. A comprehensive directory with links to the live feeds for each channel as well as their respective home pages, where available, can be found at, an Internet television guide and resource.

Thailand's most well established television channels are, according to Wikipedia, state owned and operated, including the MCOT channels, Thai PBS and TV 5, the Royal Thai Army's broadcasting service. These are offered to the public as free broadcasts. Each has its own streaming service available online via their individual home pages, using Adobe's Flash Player to embed the video element. is an online television streaming service which provides links and information to over 2500 online television services globally. It provides direct links to fifteen live television feeds from Thailand. wwiTV also offers apps for Android iOS devices which may not be Adobe Flash compatible.

If viewing these channels from outside of Thailand, particularly from overseas locations like the USA, the time zone difference may influence ease of access, as not all channels broadcast 24/7. Thai PBS, for instance, begins broadcast at 5:00 am, local time, which means programming would start streaming anywhere between 4:00-7:00 pm in the mainland United States.