How Do You Stream Live TV Broadcasts?

How Do You Stream Live TV Broadcasts?

Stream live TV by using sites such as CBS All Access, Time 4 TV, XFinity's live TV section and Stream 2 Watch. Some sites require users to sign up for an account.

CBS All Access lets viewers watch CBS live after signing up for an account. The service is available on PC and mobile devices and comes with a one-week free trial. Although CBS's online TV service offers on demand services in most areas, not all come with live streaming. Viewers who do not have live TV available in their area can sign up for alerts to find out when it may be added.

Time 4 TV lets viewers watch an array of U.S., U.K. and sports TV channels live, including ESPN, ITV and SyFy. Although some channels are available for guest viewing, others require viewers to sign up for an account.

XFinity's Stream TV section features channels such as A&E, TNT, Disney, ESPN and Fox News. The site lets viewers sign up for packages that come with a 12-month contract, which they can upgrade to include more channels. Other services available include on-demand shows.

Stream 2 Watch broadcasts major TV channels from across the United States. Channels available include the History Channel, CBS News and National Geographic. Users must sign up for an account before they can view live streams.