How Do You Stream Live Sports on P2P4U?

In order to stream live sports on P2P4U, visit the website and search for available streaming links playing the particular live sports program you are looking for. The site has a comprehensive collection of links to popular sports channels. You may need to download an additional plug-in.

On the P2P4U home page, the channels are shown in two formats. Look for the name of the particular channel or the name of the program that is to occur with the corresponding time at which the program is to be telecast. Click on the channel you want to watch to see the streaming links for the channel. Click on the link. This opens the streaming player within your browser window.

For the streaming to work, you need to have the iLivid player installed in your browser. This player is a download manager with streaming capabilities. If you do not have this already installed, the page automatically prompts you to download the player. Follow the steps to initiate and complete the download. Once the download is completed, the streaming for the selected channel starts playing in your browser. Click on the full screen icon at the bottom right corner of the player to watch the stream in full screen.