How Do You Stream 4k Movies?

To stream 4k movies, you must have a 2014 or newer 4k TV. Some previous 4k TVs can enable 4k video streaming with a Sony FMP-X10 media player. 4k TVs also need a smart TV 4k app to watch compatible 4k streaming videos. If you are using devices, such as a Roku 3, 4k streaming quality won’t be available.

Netflix offers its members the option to watch 4k movies and shows. To watch 4k videos, you must subscribe to the highest-price plan of about $11.99. Only a selection of its shows and movies offer 4k Ultra HD video quality. Amazon Instant Video also has a 4k video selection for its free and Prime members. Some movies and original series are available with a Prime membership, but newer films must still be purchased.

UltraFlix offers some 4k clips and videos for free; however, titles are only available to rent for 48-hours. As of 2015, there is not an option to subscribe to the service or purchase movies. YouTube also offers some 4k videos and mini-documentaries. However, a PC is needed to connect to your 4k TV to watch them on the big screen. Television providers, such as DirecTV and Comcast, offer subscribers access to 4k videos on movies and some TV channels.