Who Is Strato in "Julius Caesar"?

Strato is an officer and a soldier in the army of Brutus who plays a critical role in Act V, Scene V of the play "Julius Caesar." Apart from Strato, Brutus' other soldiers are Clitus, Lucius, Dardanius and Varro.

In Act V, Scene V of the play, Brutus asks his soldiers one by one to kill him. However, all decline except for Strato, who is sleeping. When they hear the call to arms, Brutus asks his men to flee and promises that he will follow after them. After the men have left, Strato awakens and Brutus asks him to hold his sword as he runs onto it.

Strato agrees to Brutus's plan and asks to shake hands before Brutus kills himself. When the army of Antony and Octavius arrives, Strato is asked where his master is, and he replies that his master is free.