What Is the Storyline of "Get Hard"?


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In "Get Hard," James, a rich hedge fund manager, is convicted of fraud and has to serve time in San Quentin. James, played by Will Ferrell, has just 30 days to prepare for his prison stint, so he pays Darnell, played by Kevin Hart, to help him "get hard" and learn the skills he needs to survive an extended stay behind bars. James assumes Darnell is a hardened criminal, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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The comedy in "Get Hard" arises when Darnell, an honest, hard-working family man with no criminal history, puts on a "hard" facade and attempts to train James in the art of toughness. Darnell's unorthodox training methods include spraying James in the face with pepper spray, teaching him the "mad dog" face and having him start fights at the park, only to see James take several beatings.

Although "Get Hard" received mostly negative reviews from critics, it was a box-office hit, opening in second place at the U.S. box office and grossing more than $100 million wordwide.The R-rated movie co-stars Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson, Edwina Findley and Tip "T.I." Harris. It was produced by Will Ferrel and Adam McKay and directed by Etan Cohen.

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