What Is the Story of Lam Ang?

The story of Lam Ang is an epic poem handed down from generation to generation by the Ilokano people of the Ilocos region of the Philippines. The story was told orally, until 1640 when a blind bard named Pedro Bucaneg wrote it down.

An epic poem, the story of Lam Ang is told over the period of several years. The plot is about Lam-ang who is an extraordinary being. Lam Ang learns to speak early and gives himself his name. He then goes in search of his father, Don Juan who set out for battle and never returned. The story continues as Lam Ang, at the age of 9 months, discovers his father's whereabouts and finds that he has been killed. Lam Ang avenges his father and then returns home.

Lam Ang sets out on a quest for his wife. Lam Ang goes on a long adventure and eventually gets married. Since it is a tradition for a newly married man to swim in the river a for fish, Lam Ang dives in, but he is eaten by a large sea monster. Lam Ang's wife retrieves his bones; they start to move and he comes back to life. The story of Lam Ang ends with him, his wife, white rooster, and gray dog all living happily ever after.