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The story of Isis is a myth about an Egyptian queen and goddess who used her magic to bring her husband, a pharaoh named Osiris, back to life after Seth, his jealous brother, murdered him. Isis was the personification of the Pharaoh’s throne, and she was a significant representation of his power.

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According to the myth, Isis was the first daughter of the god of the Earth, Geb, and Nun, the goddess of the sky, and was born on the fourth day. Isis married her brother Osiris and was always watchful of her husband. Her other brother, Seth, also married his sister, Nephthys. Isis gave birth to Horus. When Seth plotted and carried out the murder of Osiris, Isis collected the pieces of her husband’s body and brought them back to life using her magic.

The myth of Isis was significant in the Greco-Roman world, as it was used to explain many natural occurrences. For example, the perennial flooding of the Nile was considered to be due to the tears of sorrow that Isis shed after the murder of Osiris. The worship of Isis was important in ancient Egypt and among pagans in the Greco-Roman world. Her most popular motif is the one that shows her breastfeeding little Horus, a motif which was later adopted by Christianity to depict the Virgin Mary suckling baby Jesus.

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