What Is the Story of Habakkuk About?


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The subjects of the biblical story of Habakkuk are the questions that the prophet Habakkuk poses to God about the corruption in the state of Judah and God's use of the Babylonians. Habakkuk believes that the Babylonian people are "unholy" and that they should not be used to punish Judah.

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Habakkuk was a prophet who preached to the people of Judah. Habakkuk became distressed because the people of Judah were unwilling to repent for their actions that had filled the state with corruption and "evil." Habakkuk prays to God to tell him of the people's unwillingness to repent. God responds that he will bring the Babylonians to Judah to punish the people for their unfaithfulness. Habakkuk is perplexed by God's answer because the Babylonians are believed to be even more unfaithful than the people of Judah. God tells Habakkuk that one day he will free Judah from the Babylonian rule and punish the Babylonians for their unfaithfulness.

The story of Habakkuk is believed to have been written between 626 and 605 B.C. due to the references to the Babylonian Empire within the text. The Babylonian Empire came into being after it conquered Assyria under king Nabopolassar in 626 B.C. However, the Babylonian Empire would not have had the reputation that Habakkuk references in the biblical story until 605 B.C. after the battle of Carchemish.

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