What Is the Story Behind the Elf on the Shelf Reindeer?


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As a sequel to "The Elf on the Shelf" book and accompanying traditions, Chanda Bell, Christa Pitts and Carol Aebersold, their mother, turned their family ritual into an Elf on the Shelf empire with the release of a pet reindeer. It's called "Elf Pets: A Reindeer Tradition."

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When Santa is unable to lift his sleigh off the ground, he enlists the help of a friendly reindeer. The idea is that each reindeer purchased and cuddled helps store the Christmas spirit necessary to raise the sleigh into the sky. By showing the reindeer love, the story explains, children generate the excitement, awe and joy necessary to help Santa fulfill his Christmas Eve mission of delivering gifts. While the elf interacts with families and reports back to Santa, the reindeer builds up Christmas happiness.

The author has outlined several activities to complement the Elf on the Shelf reindeer. One is to create reindeer-shaped pancakes with marshmallows serving as the whites of the reindeer's eyes and bacon as the antlers. Another suggestion is to make reindeer-shaped cookies to share with the pet reindeer. Playing reindeer games with the stuffed creature nearby is an additional way the author recommends enhancing the experience, as is snuggling and reading bedtime stories with the reindeer.

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