What Stories Are Popular Among Fourth Graders?


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, the Harry Potter Series, Loris Lowry's Number the Stars and Mary Pope Osborne's The Magic Treehouse series are popular among fourth graders. The most popular books among children between ages eight and 10 are generally in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

The stories a fourth grader is likely to take interest in is largely influenced by his interests and developmental state. Having a higher cognitive ability as well as more developed social and emotional awareness than younger children, fourth graders are typically drawn to slightly more challenging and sophisticated characters. Because of their larger base for understanding, children in fourth grade typically enjoy learning new words and are capable of understanding more complex grammatical concepts. Along with their widening capacity of understanding comes a better memory and a longer attention span, allowing these students to enjoy longer stories and more complicated story lines.

Children in fourth grade are also drawn to books with characters that develop and grow throughout the course of the story. While the most popular books among fourth graders tend to be fictional, taking a greater interest in nonfiction stories also gives children the chance to broaden their imaginations.