What are some stories about people turning into a mermaid?


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Sarah Porter's book "Lost Voices" and Kathryn Lasky's "Hannah" are both stories about girls transforming into mermaids. Zoraida Cordova's "The Vicious Deep" is about a male protagonist who discovers he is truly a merman prince and must fight to gain his rightful place as ruler of the underwater world.

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In Porter's "Lost Voices," the teenage protagonist Luce is assaulted and left to die outside the cliffs of an Alaskan fishing village. In her despair, she stumbles into the water and transforms into a mermaid. She joins a group of beautiful mermaids who were once human girls. Each girl was abused in some way and died near water. Luce is troubled to learn that the mermaids are compelled to drive humans at sea to their deaths, as a way of lashing out at humanity for the mistreatment they experienced as humans.

Lasky's "Hannah" is the first book in her "Daughters of the Sea" trilogy, which is about three mermaid sisters who are separated at birth. The titular protagonist Hannah, who is one of those sisters, lives in Boston as a human during the turn of the century. Through a series of events, Hannah discovers her mermaid identity and must make the decision of whether or not to fully transform into a mermaid once again.

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