What Are Some Stories About Leprosy in the Bible?

II Kings 5 contains the story of Naaman, the commander of the army in Aram, who consulted the prophet Elisha about his leprosy. In Matthew 8, Jesus heals a man with leprosy, and in Luke 17, Jesus heals 10 men afflicted by the disease.

In the account of Naaman, a servant girl had told Naaman's wife about a prophet in Israel who could cure Naaman. He found Elisha, who told him to go wash seven times in the Jordan River. Reluctant at first to do so, Naaman did and was healed.

In Matthew 8, a leper asked Jesus to heal him. Jesus did and then told him to tell no one, but to go show the priest.

Luke 17 contains the account of Jesus telling 10 lepers to go show themselves to the priest. On their way, they received healing. Out of the 10, only one went back to thank Jesus.