What Are Some Stories About Compassion?


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Some stories about compassion include; "Animals Are Parents Too" by Chris, and "All in the Family" by Michael Steckel, from InspirationalStories.com. Also, there is "Wrench Please" from Al.com.

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"Animals Are Parents Too" by Chris is about a memorable event in the lives of the author and his wife. They were on their way home on a Sunday morning and stopped at a local gas station for a snack. It is there that they witnessed a man in tattered clothes buy food for a breastfeeding dog that had just come.

In the story "All in the Family," the author talks of the persecution happening in southern Sudan and brings to critic the lack of concern by the Western world about the situation. He urges the readers to pray for them, love and accept them.

"Wrench Please" from Al.com is about volunteers who worked twelve hours a day for eight days to assemble bicycles on the eve of a Christmas night. It was part of a bicycle give-away project by Bay Community Church. They gave away 3,000 boys' and girls' bicycles.

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