What Stores Sell Large Outdoor Metal Wall Art?

Target and Home Depot are some stores selling outdoor metal wall art, as of 2015. Wind and Weather, Front Gate and Hayneedle offer garden exterior wall sculptures online. Because of the seasonal nature of outdoor living in many parts of the country, particular items may be unavailable.

Target sells a variety of powder-coated steel wall art, including a series of colorful sea turtle and fish paintings. Other themes include butterflies, dragonflies, sunbursts and scenes of beach houses. Items ordered at Target.com can be shipped to stores at no additional cost.

Home Depot sells outdoor wall art from its HomeDepot.com website, with free shipping to its stores for pick-up. Examples include a piece silhouetting birds on a wire or birds in a window and a sun sculpture. One of the larger items measures 48 inches wide.

WindandWeather.com carries handmade works by various artists. Pieces include backlit discs, copper maple trees, copper willows in verdigris or natural finishes, and dragons.

FrontGate.com has a selection of steel art with a rust oxide and polyurethane finish. A butterfly sculpture consisting of two panels measures 60 inches. Copper panels are available with various paintings evocative of sunsets and ocean views.

Hayneedle.com sells a variety of metal wall art that is suitable for outdoor use, including a group of sea turtles, a dragonfly, eagles, herons and sunbursts. Hayneedle provides the option to filter items by size.