What Stores Sell a Colorized Version of "The Bishop's Wife?"

CinemaJohnDVDs.com sells a colorized version of "The Bishop's Wife." It is generally difficult to find this version of the film. For example, major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon.com appear to only sell the black-and-white version.

"The Bishop's Wife" is a 1947 romantic comedy featuring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven. Grant played an angel who helps Niven's character, a bishop. Young played the bishop's wife. The bishop struggles with his vocation, and this affects his relationship with his wife and family. The angel provides guidance to the bishop, but also develops feelings for the bishop's wife.

Although the film received good reviews upon its release, it did not make much money. Some people assumed that the film was a religious one, so the producers retitled the film in some parts of the United States as "Cary and the Bishop's Wife." This action improved the film's revenue, as Grant was a popular movie star at the time.

The film received several Academy Award nominations, including for best picture and best director. It won the award for best sound. Penny Marshall remade the film in 1996 as "The Preacher's Wife," starring Denzel Washington as the angel and Whitney Houston as the preacher's wife.