What Stores Sell Art Pictures of Jesus?


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There are a number of online stores such as Jesus Art USA and Christ-Centered Art that sell artists' renderings of Jesus. Similarly, many local Christian bookstores and art galleries have artistic depictions of Jesus for sale.

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Christianity has inspired some of the most highly regarded art pieces in history. The earliest known depictions of Jesus in art date back to the year 70 common era, and Christian paintings serve as symbols of entire cultural periods such as the Renaissance. Because Christian art has been so prevalent for almost 2,000 years, it is very easy to purchase artistic depictions of Jesus both in-person and online.

Some of the most popular scenes of Jesus include his arrest, his ascension into heaven and his execution on the cross. While most images of Jesus depict him as a man with long hair and sometimes with a glowing aura, it is not uncommon to find original paintings of Jesus with different attributes such as short hair, different skin colors or without divine clothes and a halo. Jesus is the most popular character depicted in Christian art, which means that any Christian art gallery, book store, or online store will have art pictures of Jesus for sale.

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