What Are Stick Figures?


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Stick figures are basic sketches of animals or people. A simple circle represents the head of a person while basic straight lines represents the person's torso, legs and arms.

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What Are Stick Figures?
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Normally, there is no line to represent the neck, feet and hands of the person. At times, simple lines are drawn for representing a person's hair, eyes and mouth.

The use of stick figures in the Summer Olympics started in 1964. Two Japanese designers, Yoshiro Yamashita and Masaru Katzumie used stick figures for making pictograms that represented all the Olympic events like cycling and running. In the 1970s, the American Institute of Graphic Arts or AIGA utilized stick figures for creating the U.S, Department of Transport's pictograms for use in public areas. Since stick figures are easy to sketch and animate quickly, they are also used in Adobe Flash animations.

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