What Are the Steps to Making a Stick Figure Animation?


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To create a stick figure animation on a computer, download specific programs that help with this process. One of the free programs for Windows as of 2016 is called Pivot. After downloading this program, you can follow specific directions from other sites and follow the movement of the figures through each frame; additionally, you can come up with your own creations.

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The Pivot animator software does not necessitate that each figure be completely redrawn for each frame. Instead, it allows users to create animated scenes by moving parts of the figure from frame to frame by using individual nodes and joints on the figure after it is drawn. The program also allows the animator to create any sort of original figure initially. The Pivot website features sample animations of users that have been submitted through competitions and make use of many of the functions offered in the program.

This program is simple enough for students in grade school and can be used in computer labs for second through fifth graders. When following specific directions for a preset animation, set each frame as directed, and save each one before moving on. The new frame shows a solid figure in the new position and a gray shaded figure underneath it in the previous position for guidance.

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