What Is Stephen King's Pen Name?


Stephen King's pen name is Richard Bachman. The famed horror and suspense author invented the name by combining the name of author Richard Stark and musician Randy Bachman from the band Bachman Turner Overdrive.

King initially adapted his pen name as a means to produce more books within a calendar year. According to King, when he first started out, the publishing industry was wary of authors producing more than one book a year. As a result, King convinced his publisher to allow him to write under a pseudonym in order to publish more stories.

King wrote seven books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, beginning with the 1977 novel "Rage." The other books King wrote as Bachman are "The Long Walk," "Roadwork," "The Running Man," "Thinner," "Desperation" and "Blaze." It should be noted that "Rage," a story that is built around a high school shooting, was allowed to fall out of print at King's own request.