What Are Stephen Hunter's Books in Order?


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Stephen Hunter's first novel, "Master Sniper," published in 1980, was followed by 1982's "Second Saladin" and 1985's "Target" and "The Spanish Gambit." Stephen Hunter has published a total of 18 novels, including three separate series, as of 2015.

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Stephen Hunter's longest-running series of novels is the "Bob Lee Swagger" series. These books follow an American master sniper named Bob Lee Swagger as he dodges assassination attempts and doles out vigilante justice. The Bob Lee Swagger Series begins with "Point of Impact," followed by "Black Light," "Time To Hunt," "The 47th Samurai" and "Night of Thunder." This series is composed of 9 novels. The most recent book, "Sniper's Honor," was released in 2014.

The "Earl Swagger" novels function as prequels to the "Bob Lee Swagger" series. These novels are set in the 1940s and 50s and follow Bob Lee Swagger's father, Earl Swagger. This novel series contains three books: "Hot Springs," "Pale Horse Coming" and "Havana."

"Dead Zero," published in 2010, is the seventh novel in the "Bob Lee Swagger" series, as well as the first novel in the "Ray Cruz" series. In this novel, Swagger is tasked with bringing down Gunnery Sergeant Ray Cruz. "Soft Target," released in 2011, specifically follows the character of Ray Cruz as he tries to defuse a shooting and hostage situation.

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