What Is a Step-by-Step Guide to Do the Cupid Shuffle Dance?

To do the Cupid Shuffle, take four steps to the right and then four steps to the left. Kick each leg to the front twice, alternating between right and left. Finally, swivel step for eight counts starting with right leg, swinging the knees to the right, then left, then right again and then left again until eight steps have been taken, all while migrating the body to facing the left direction.

The Cupid Shuffle is a popular line dance for groups to enjoy at parties and school dances. It can be stylized in many different ways over four basic moves.

  1. Take four steps to the right
  2. This is in step-touch fashion. Step right, then bring the left foot in to touch the right. Do this four times going toward the right. Raise the arms, bend the elbows and do what comes naturally. Personal style is encouraged.

  3. Take four steps to the left
  4. This move is exactly like the first move, just moving back to the left. Keep moving the arms.

  5. Do four alternating kicks to the front
  6. Starting with the right leg, kick out in front of the body. Kick with the right, left, right again and left again. Hop while kicking to add energy to the move.

  7. Take eight swivel steps to the left
  8. This move ultimately takes the body from facing the front to facing the left. Swivel the knees to the right while stepping with the right foot. Swivel knees to the left while stepping with the left foot. Repeat until eight steps have been taken and the body is facing its new direction. Repeat the whole Cupid Shuffle in each new direction.