What Are Some Stations Offering Curling Events on Television?

Two stations that offer curling events on television are The Sports Network and the Canadian Broadcasting Company, both based in Canada. Another station that offers curling events on television is the Canadian channel Sportsnet.

During the 2014 Winter Olympics, curling events were broadcast in the United States on the stations CNBC, MSNBC, NBC and USA Network as part of their Olympics coverage. However, apart from the Olympics and other special occasions, television stations in the United States do not normally broadcast coverage of curling events.

In December 2014, the popular American sports network ESPN acquired the U.S. rights to broadcast the events of the Canadian Curling Association's Season of Champions on its ESPN3 channel. This included over 300 hours of live curling. The Season of Champions events were originally broadcast in Canada on The Sports Network.

When curling is not in season and not being broadcast regularly on television, videos of the sport can be viewed on the official website of the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Their website's curling section also features current news about the world of curling.

Curling videos are also available to watch on The Sports Network's official website, as well as Sportsnet's. Besides its television programming, Sportsnet also offers radio and online streaming services regarding curling.