How Do You Start a New Club for Toastmasters International?

How Do You Start a New Club for Toastmasters International?

To start a new Toastmasters International club, locate at least 20 members, secure a location, complete a demonstration meeting, submit the relevant forms and submit club fees. Community clubs are generally open to anyone over the age of 18, though some corporate-sponsored or advanced clubs are closed. To plan a corporate club, partner with the company's human resources department and announce the club following company procedure.

The demonstration meeting promotes the benefits of Toastmasters International. At the end of the meeting, explain and collect charter and membership fees.

Of the 20 original members of a new club, three may be members of other Toastmasters clubs with dual memberships. The remaining charter members must be new or transfer members. Other local clubs or Toastmasters International World Headquarters provide guidance and help to the new club assemble a support team for the club's first year.

Toastmasters International's district governor appoints two sponsors who advertise the club, help complete the forms, and prepare the charter presentation. The district governor appoints up to two mentors for a new club. Mentors are experienced Toastmaster International members who provide guidance to the new club.

Once Toastmasters International World Headquarters approves all forms and payments, the new club is official.