Who Stars in "Sound of the Sea?"

Some of the stars of "Sound of the Sea" include Jordi Molla, Eduard Fernandez and Leonor Watling. Other stars of the film include Pep Cortes, Ricky Colomer, Neus Agullo and Sergio Caballero.

"Sound of the Sea" stars Jordi Molla as Ulises, a literature teacher who moves to a small town. He falls in love with a young woman, Martina, played by Leonor Watling, and the couple get married and have a son, Abel, played by Ricky Colomer. Years later, Ulises vanishes at sea and marries Sierra, played by Eduard Fernandez. Other stars of the film include Pep Cortes as Basilio, Neus Agullo as Roseta and Sergio Caballero as Xavier.