Who Are the Stars of the Series "House of Cards"?

Who Are the Stars of the Series "House of Cards"?

Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Nathan Darrow, Molly Parker and Mahershala Ali are among the actors starring in "House of Cards." Cory Stoll, Michael Kelly and Kate Mara played major characters in the first few seasons. Elizabeth Norment passed away in October, 2014 after playing Spacey's executive secretary.

Kevin Spacey plays politician Frank Underwood, a Machiavellian character able to turn any number of savvy politicians and lobbyists into his puppets. Spacey won the 2015 Golden Globe for best actor in a TV drama.

Robin Wright plays Underwood's wife, Claire, the head of a not-for-profit organization fronting for Frank's political agenda. Wright won the 2014 Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama.

Nathan Darrow plays Secret Service agent Edward Meechum, a man repeatedly manipulated by Claire. Molly Parker is Congresswoman Jackie Sharp, trading favors for power. Mahershala Ali plays attorney Remy Danton, a former Underwood employee turned power broker.

Corey Stoll plays Peter Russo, a Pennsylvania politician. Pushed into the governor's race by Underwood, Russo deals with alcoholism and voters angry over his failure to save their jobs. Kate Mara is Zoe Barnes, a social media reporter mentored by Underwood. Barnes thinks herself a master manipulator but is no match for Underwood. Michael Kelly plays Underwood's chief and fixer, a likable man whose loyalty overwhelms his decency.