Who Stars in the Movie "Once Bitten"?

Who Stars in the Movie "Once Bitten"?

The 1985 horror comedy "Once Bitten" stars Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey and Karen Kopins. The supporting cast includes Megan Mullally, Richard Schaal, Cleavon Little, Peggy Pope and Thomas Ballatore.

"Once Bitten" was the seventh film and first starring role for relative Hollywood newcomer Jim Carrey. Carrey plays Mark Kendall, a naive high school student attempting to venture out into the real world by visiting a Hollywood nightclub. There, he crosses paths with a seductive, mysterious older woman (Lauren Hutton) who claims to be a countess while actually being a 400-year old vampire.

Through the centuries, Hutton's character has maintained her flawless appearance and perpetuated her immortality by following one unbreakable rule: she must drink the blood of three young male virgins before Halloween, a task that becomes more challenging every year as times change, morals loosen and male virgins decrease in ever-growing numbers.

Carrey's character is easily seduced; he's horny, but his girlfriend (Karen Kopins) is unwilling. Ultimately, the teenager finds himself trying to not only lose his virginity but also attempting desperately to save his mortal soul.

"Once Bitten" earned universally bad reviews, but has gained minor cult status as a result of Jim Carrey's subsequent ascent to super-stardom.