Who Are the Stars of "Mountain Men"?

Who Are the Stars of "Mountain Men"?

The cast of the television series "Mountain Men" for Season 1 included Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto. The second season of the show added Rich Lewis, Charlie Tucker and George Michaud. The third season, as of February 2015, does not include George Michaud and introduces Kyle Bell.

Tom Oar and his wife Nancy live in the secluded Yaak River Valley of Montana. They survive by trapping, hunting and tanning the hides of the animals.

Eustace Conway lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Caorlina and has dedicated his life to his home land which he calls Turtle Island. Eustace lives self-sufficiently and uses ancient survival methods and primitive tools.

Marty Meierotto spends winter living 100 south of the Arctic Circe in a one room cabin. He spends the winter trapping everything from minks to wolverines to support his family.

Rich Lewis lives in the isolated Ruby Valley in southwest Montana with his wife Diane. He makes a living tracking mountain lions with his team of hound dogs.

Charlie Tucker lives in the Great North woods of Maine. Along with his friend Jim, Tucker takes over an old trap line to provide and survive.

George Michaud is a trapper and camps along the Snake River and in the Tetons using a traditional tepee of his own construction and design.

Kyle Bell lives in the Cimarron Valley of New Mexico. Kyle spent 20 years on the rodeo circuit and finally decided to start living off the land.