Who Starred in the Original Little Rascals Series?

Who Starred in the Original Little Rascals Series?

The original "The Little Rascals" series starred Wally Albright as Wally, Sherwood Bailey as Spud, Bobbie Beard as Cotton, George McFarland as Spanky, Billy Thomas as Buckwheat and Matthew Beard as Stymie. Scotty Beckett starred as Scotty, and Tommy Bond starred as Butch. Additional characters include Norman Chaney, who starred as Chubby, and Joe Cobb, who played Joe, while the role of "Uh-Huh" was played by John Collum and Jackie Condon played Jackie.

The original "The Little Rascals" was filmed in shorts over a period running from 1929 to 1938, entitled "Our Gang Comedies." The shorts were released beginning in 1955 as "The Little Rascals." The series follows the adventures of a group of children living in a poor neighborhood.

The series got its start with silent short films in 1922 produced by Pathe Exchange. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer began distributing the shorts in 1927, with the series becoming more popular in 1929 when sound was added to the shorts. A total of 220 episodes were produced.

Notably, one actor in the "Our Gang" series became the first African-American actor to receive a long-term contract in Hollywood: Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison.

The entire collection of "Our Gang" shorts was released in the "Our Gang Collection" in 2009 by Warner Home Video.