Who Starred in The Good Witch's Garden?


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Catherine Bell and Chris Potter starred in the Hallmark TV movie "The Good Witch's Garden." "The Good Witch's Garden" is a sequel to the 2008 Hallmark television film "The Good Witch." Bell and Potter reprised their roles of Cassandra Nightingale, the witch, and widowed police officer Jake Russell, respectively. Matthew Knight, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Catherine Disher, Peter MacNeill and Rob Stewart starred in supporting roles. "The Good Witch's Garden" premiered on the Hallmark Channel on Jan. 7, 2009.

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The first film, "The Good Witch," revolves around police officer Jake Russell and Cassandra Nightingale, a witch who comes to occupy the abandoned haunted Grey House in the town of Middleton. "The Good Witch's Garden," second in the series, follows Cassie's efforts to remodel the Grey House into a bed and breakfast. The movie follows her and her boyfriend Jake and the dilemma they face when a stranger, Nick Chasen, claims to own the Grey House. Rob Stewart played Nick Chasen; Matthew Knight and Hannah Endicott-Douglas reprised their roles as Brandon and Lori Russell, Jake Russell's children, while Catherine Disher and Peter MacNeill returned to their roles of Martha and George respectively. The original title for this movie was "Good Witch 2: Magic Never Fades".

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