Who Starred in "Falling Skies" Season 4?

Who Starred in "Falling Skies" Season 4?

Noah Wyle stars in the fourth season of "Falling Skies." Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Colin Cunningham, Sarah Sanguine Carter and Mpho Koaho play main characters. Drew Roy, Connor Jessup and Maxim Knight continue roles as Noah Wyle's sons.

Noah Wyle plays Tom Mason, the leader of a group of humans rebelling against the alien forces colonizing earth. He worked in other series, most notably as Dr. John Carter in "ER" and the lead in the eponymous "Librarian" films. He received several Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for his performances. Noah Wyle is active in his theater group Blank Theatre Company.

Moon Bloodgood is Anne Glass, a rebel doctor and Tom Mason's wife. Her previous work includes dancing, modeling and acting in films and television. She won a Saturn for her role in "Falling Skies."

Will Patton plays Captain Weaver, the leader of the remnants of the second Massachusetts regiment, known post-invasion as the Second Mass. Patton works extensively in film and television and has Audie awards for his audiobook narration, including Best Male Narrator.

Colin Cunningham is John Pope, a former criminal becoming a reluctant hero. Although a Californian, Cunningham is a star in Canadian film and television. He takes on both lead and character roles and is a respected director.

Sarah Sanguine Carter plays Maggie, the love interest of several characters and a rebel fighter. Aside from acting, she is the lead singer in her band SanguineDrake.