What Is the "Starfall" TV Series About?

What Is the "Starfall" TV Series About?

"Starfall" is a science-fiction television show that takes place after aliens have enslaved humanity and then freed them due to political reform. The show follows the Ardri Jennet, a ship that travels the boundaries of the solar system to ensure slaves have actually been freed.

An alien race invades Earth and takes humanity as slaves 150 years before "Starfall" begins. Humans spend almost 100 years in slavery before the alien empire reforms itself into a republic and emancipates all its slaves. Despite humanity's emancipation, most aliens still see humans as barbaric and treat them as second-class citizens.

Damien Puckler plays William Hunter, the captain of the Ardri Jennet. He's a loner who is thrust into a leadership role. His crew is a mix of different alien races.

Bill Oberst, Jr. plays Hanso Baash, the chief engineer of the ship. The character is from a race called the Quulsa, in which females dominate the males. This results in an inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence for Baash, despite his skills as an engineer.

Ellen Dubin plays Shingh-ah, a character from the Selsky race. Other aliens hunted her race to near extinction because of an ability each member possesses. She's on the ship to hide, but also becomes close to the rest of the crew.