What Is the Standard Sunday Schedule on PBS?


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To find the standard broadcasting for PBS, go to the PBS.org website, and click the local station. Many shows and specials on PBS are local shows, so this is necessary.

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Visit the TV schedule page of the PBS.org website, then find the local station. Click on it to set the station. Use the calendar feature on the left side of the page to select Sunday. This gives a list of all shows appearing on PBS on Sunday. Some shows repeat every week, while others are specials. Mornings tend to be cartoons and kids' shows, such as "Caillou," "Sesame Street" and "Curious George." In the late morning and early afternoon, it is not uncommon to see local broadcasting shows, nature shows, documentaries and shows such as "Charlie Rose."

In the evenings, PBS broadcasts cooking, history, travel and educational shows as well as the news. The late afternoons and evenings also see a lot of local shows and specials, such as local travel tips, upcoming events in the area and the history of the area where the TV watcher lives. In the middle of the night, PBS shows adult-related content such as investigative, murder and crime shows. This also includes specials that don't air every Sunday.

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